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Carfu Car Accessories Co., Ltd.

was established in Foshan City, Guangdong Province in 2000. The subsidiary Spoiler Auto Parts Trading Company was established in 2019. It is mainly responsible for the research and development of car accessories and sales at domestic and abroad. Carfu has a young team, vigorous, good at learning, and continuous improvement.Carfu factory covers an area of ​​​​15,000 square meters, has 300 employees in the workshop, 10 trade teams, and a professional R&D team. Mainly OEM customization and one-stop shopping mall.Carfu is engaged in the production and sales of car accessories. Products are exported to more than 60 countries and currently have more than 8,000 customers. Large customers include Wal-Mart, Michelin and Chery Automobiles, and export business is growing. Our main products, the armrest boxes occupy major markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We also set up stalls for car accessories in Guangzhou to directly provide professional services to foreign and surrounding customers.We currently focus on OEM services and one-stop product solutions, aiming to provide customers with new products and comprehensive products. The professional design team and strong production capacity ensure that OEM products can be delivered to customers as soon as 45 days; 20 years of experience accumulation provides professional guidance for customer shop selection. You only need one supplier to solve all supply problems.To provide customers with the best service, we will respond to all customer inquiries within 6 hours. Choose Carfu, you will get a bigger market!

Competitive Advantage


With a professional design team, any car accessories can be customized


Professional production team, every part of the product contains the hard work of employees


Mature supply chain management, each product produced has a price advantage

Company History

Carfu accessories company was founded



Factory area expanded to 1,000 square meters, Facing to Middle East and Southeast Asia Markets


Construction a new factory,Factory area expanded to 5,000 square meters


Factory area expanded to 10,000 square meters,Went to Russia and participated in a foreign exhibition for the first time


Products start marketing on Alibaba Online


Established Guangzhou General Agent


Factory area expanded to 15,000 square meters


Market expansion to India, Europe, America, Central Asia, Africa and South Africa


New office building and product exhibition hall, indirect cooperation with Chery Automobile Company started


Started to establish an indirect partnership with Walmart


Started indirect cooperation with Michelin


Established Spoiler trade Co., Ltd.


Established Australia general agent


Carfu is famous all over the world


Our values

Our values

Let your car be your relative's family

Our aim

innovation, optimization, OEM

Our vision

make your car life better


Become China's largest exporter of automotive accessories

Certificate Of Honor

Our values, purpose, vision, mission

Working Environment

Our values, purpose, vision, mission


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