Car Armrest Supply: Which Material To Choose?

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What was formerly considered to be a form of luxury, it is becoming the present  recognized and acceptable equipment for new era vehicles. As modern car armrests  give comfort for the driver, they also provide an extensive variety of features associated to the operation of a car.

Nowadays, front and rear armrests are not among the features distinctive to luxury vehicles. Nevertheless, they can be found in middle-class cars as well, irrespective of the brand, whether it is a SUV, hatchback, a car.

Car manufacturers are attempting to prepare the new models with progressively comfortable equipment, such as multi-function armrests, as the desires of potential buyers are increasing. They primarily provide expanded comfort for the driver.

An armrest provides the worthy comfortability of positioning your hand when driving on a motorway or standing in traffic, and lots more. It can also bring together the functions of the control console of the vehicle’s electrical systems and the practical storage compartment depending on the equipment of an individual vehicle.

Car armrests are made from many different materials, which include an outer pad, a hard plastic base, and a soft foam top. All these components give comfort of stability, use, safety and durability.

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Durable armrest – which material to choose?

An armrest is one of those quickest parts of the car interior to wear out, so to ensure its long-term use, it has to be made of very durable materials. On the other hand, it ought to provide comfortable support – it may cause discomfort when too hard and it may not provide adequate  hand stability when too soft.

Drivers who encounter discomfort when using the armrest often purchase unique armrest pads to enhance the comfort of use. Besides a hard plastic base panel, all other armrest comprises different foam materials to design the shape suitable to the component and make the top layer pleasant to touch.

 Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is the best choice among plastics used in making armrest fillers, because it easily returns to its former shape after the pressure has ceased and does not experience permanent change in shape.  It is flexible, soft and feels pleasant to the touch at the same time.

 Expanded plastic processing technologies nowadays create a different method of design and production flexibility for any shape, such as the accurately profiled cable routing.

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) also possesses exceptional moist and thermal insulation properties, which make it optimal for its use as an in-car mini-refrigerators and ensuring safety of sensitive electronics. It can be effortlessly combined with other materials, for it to be used for the production of large variety of car armrests in any class.  

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In need of high quality car armrest supply?

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