How Many Types Of Lights In A Car?

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A car is a product of modern high-tech. It is composed of a variety of materials and parts. As a common means of transportation for human beings, its functions are also very complete. Now the car not only has Bluetooth connection function, you can choose your own favorite songs, and the functions of playing videos, playing news, etc., and in the hot summer now, there is an air conditioner in the car, and sitting in the car is also very enjoyable. The cool breeze is cool and pleasant, and in winter, it can also make the whole car warm. People are no longer afraid of the cold in winter, and there are other convenient and comfortable functions.

In addition to these high-tech functions, every car must have lights. The lights of the car are not only the function of lighting. Now there are more and more types of lights on the car, and the functions are more and more complete. Safety has also been improved. If the headlights are simply distinguished by type, they can be roughly divided into two types. One is the lighting that only plays a basic lighting role, and the other is the signal light that represents different information. All in all, how many kinds of lights are there in total? The answer is twelve.

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Common headlights

First of all, let's talk about the most common, the headlights at the front of the car. This is the most commonly used light when we drive. It is divided into low beam and high beam. Although both lights are lighting, however, the occasions of use are different. The high beam is usually used in the case of poor light and no auxiliary light, and the low beam is used in the night with bright lights, like the urban area of a big city. There are lighting systems on the side of the road, so driving on the road is not so dark, so there is no need to use high-brightness lights, and high beams cannot be used casually, you must choose the right situation to use, otherwise the brightness It is too dazzling, and the vehicle next to it will be temporarily blinded after opening it, which is easy to cause traffic accidents.


Fog light

Let’s talk about the fog light again. Drivers and friends who have driven this light should be familiar with it. Its function is to turn on the fog light when the road conditions are not very clear, such as when it is foggy and cannot be seen clearly. Usually there are front and rear of the car, however, this light has only one side, not symmetrical, this is to distinguish it from other lights of the same color. This light is really good to use in foggy conditions.


Double flashing light

Let me talk about the double flashing light. This light is mainly used when the car finds there is a potential safety hazard, or when there is any dangerous situation. It can be used as a warning light. The main purpose is to remind nearby vehicles not to be too approaching, and it is not used casually. There are also turn signals, which are usually used in situations such as changing lanes, turning, overtaking, etc., to remind the car next to them that this car sends a signal, which can avoid traffic accidents and improve safety.


Brake lights

Brake lights is particularly important. It can be directly understood from its literal meaning. It is when you brake, and it will light up as soon as you brake. It is usually installed at the rear of the car, and the color is eye-catching red. There are also reversing lights. The positions of the reversing lights and brake lights are at the rear end of the car, on both sides of the trunk, but the colors of the two lights are different. The reversing lights are white, because this kind of lighting The lights have the same color, which can better allow the driver to see the road conditions behind the car. At the same time, the two lights are automatic and will turn on in time.

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