Carfu Car Accessories Group conducts cardiopulmonary resuscitation and fire emergency drills

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What is "Golden 4 Minutes"? How to give first aid if someone is injured? What should I do if I am on fire? Today (May 26) morning, Carfu Company carried out CPR and fire emergency drills for the first time this year, simulating the general procedures for CPR and fire accidents throughout the entire process, and enhanced the emergency response capabilities of more than 300 employees.

This exercise is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge explanation and practical operation exercise. The trainer is explaining in detail how to judge the patient’s heartbeat and respiratory arrest, the indications of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the operation steps, the precautions in the rescue process, and the success of the resuscitation. Indicate and other content, and use simulators to conduct field exercises to strengthen practice.

Firefighting simulation experience scene.
At the scene of the fire-fighting simulation experience, the training instructor also introduced in detail the knowledge of fire-fighting, the use of fire extinguishers, and self-defense and self-rescue methods.

"This simulation exercise is very rewarding. Through learning, I not only mastered a good way to save people, but also learned the knowledge of fire emergency response. In the future, you can better help others in emergencies." Carfu workshop director Feng Yang Say.


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