Carfu family actively responded to the call of the country and organized all employees to get vaccination!

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Recently, in accordance with the unified deployment of the city and district, the Nihai community has actively mobilized various functional departments to go deep into community enterprises, extensively and positively publicize the need for new crown virus vaccines, and continue to steadily promote the large-scale free vaccination of new crown virus vaccines in the Jutebu community.

After extensive publicity in the early stage, various departments and village organizations are effective. On March 31, Shenzhen Zhenghao Technology Co., Ltd. actively contacted the Huangmabu community for group appointments, and unified with the Huangmabu community to organize employees to vaccinate the new crown vaccine free of charge to help employees’ health and safety. It is an important guarantee to further build the "epidemic protection net" to build a firm line of defense against the epidemic for the smooth operation of enterprises!

At 6 o'clock in the afternoon on May 3, 65 employees of Zhengwei Technology got on the bus in an orderly manner and set off to the large temporary vaccination site of Leliu Hospital to receive the new crown virus vaccine. Free vaccinations are provided to provide an extra guarantee for the health of yourself and your family. All Carfu employees have responded positively. The company also provides buses to pick you up. The heart-warming measures are worthy of praise.

"Please line up patiently and orderly, keeping the'one-meter distance' between the front and back." At the large-scale temporary vaccination site for the new crown vaccine on Leliu Street, the staff who came to vaccinate under the guidance of volunteers will orderly conduct pre-diagnosis and information registration , Vaccination and other links.

Have you taken any medications recently? Avoid drinking alcohol and strenuous exercise within one week after vaccination. After receiving the new crown vaccine, women must have contraception for at least 3 months and other related content, and medical staff will also patiently ask each vaccinator one by one to emphasize.

After the vaccination, everyone stayed in the rest area to observe for 30 minutes, and everyone did not have any discomfort. The staff of the Nihai community arranged for a bus to send us back to the company safely, and also intimately reminded everyone of the things that we should pay attention to one week after the vaccination.

Feng Yang, the head of the Carfu workshop, said that the company actively responded to the call to support the government and the community. This time, 100% of the company's 65 employees who meet the vaccination requirements participated in the vaccination. After the vaccination, the employees can work with peace of mind, and the company can develop better and more steadily. .


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