Major Types Of Car Light

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Car light is one of the major features of a car because it ensures the safety of the occupant riding the car on the road, without the car light the car won't be able to move in the night. Nevertheless, the car light brightens up the part of the drive to ensure that it's able to see few meters afar.


Also, they are different types of light that can be fixed in a car based on the necessity; car light devices can be used for decoration of car, to make them look sophisticated, radiant and also for other needs aside safety. You can consider radiant car light from our brand at carfugroup


Below are the lists of different types of car lights that are used which include;


  • LED headlights

Lead headlights play a very important role in the car light while traveling or driving, its light brightness is sharp and gives up to 100% visibility. LED lights are very efficient and low cost of maintenance compare to the halogen bulbs that will be needed to be replaced periodically.


  • LED lights

Led light used as car light is very sharp and doesn't need to be changed frequently that's it cost of maintenance is low, eco-friendly and it also serves as decoration purposes inside the car. They improve the conditions of the light inside the car while traveling at night and are of greater benefits than other lights.

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  • Fog lights

Sometimes, while driving in the early hours of the day, they used to be fog on the road in which the fog accumulates mist on the car headlight and the car headlight will be a blur and they won't be clear vision while driving. Therefore, the car has been fitted with a fog light that will be activated as soon as the weather conditions change, the fog light is situated at the lower part of the car, so that the glare may be reduced.


  • Tail lamps

These are car lights that are used to indicate the rare or back of the car, these lights are used to lighten up the back vision of the car while reversing the car, incoming car from the back, presence of another car at the back. It is also important to have a tail lamp to ensure that cars won't bump into each other at night while driving in traffic.


  • Indicator light

The indicator light is the most important in the car, it helps to indicate to the car coming from behind, indicate the pedestrians', truck drivers tricycles' etc. your directions on the road. That is while your indicator light covers are always colored to draw the attention of the other driver while indicating.


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