Installation Tips And Steps On How To Fix A Mud Guard

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Mud Guard are very essential mostly for those that drive off road such does driving in the mud, rocks, and sow which could damage the car bodies through the tire.

A mud guard means a fitting attach to the vehicle including any part of the vehicle and of a mud flap attached, which service as an interception between a material thrown up by a wheel movement or less in the plane of the wheel.

  1. Fixing of mud guard without drilling

Carfugroup offers mud guard that doesn't require you to drill holes into the vehicle body, materials needed to fix it in your vehicle are

  • Allen wrench (provided in the kit)
  • Nut driver or ratchet and socket set are all included in the kit.

Steps to follow to attach the mud guard to the vehicle.

  • park your vehicle on a leveled ground before you install it.

To be safe while installing the mud guard, you can be sure that a vehicle will roll over or run away when you’re working underneath it or around the wheels of the vehicle.

  • Always turn the wheel in the direction that you want to work on.

To create more space while you’re working on the wheels you need to turn the wheel to your side.

For example, if you want to work on the left side of the vehicle turn the wheel to you left side, so you could work on it accurately and vice versus.

  • After you install ensure, it is secure.

After you finish installing pull gently to confirm if what you fixed is done properly without no errors while fixing, and to be sure it firmly tightens with the fasteners used to assemble it.

mud guard 

2. Fixing of mud guard with drilling

some other cars require that the body of the cars are drilled before installing it. So, this also requires materials to which will be used to fix it to the vehicle which are listed below.

  • You will have to drill with 1.8 inches of drill bit
  • Screwdriver is needed to tighten the screw

The following points listed below are the steps required to note while fixing it

  • Ensure you wash the area to which you want to attach the mud guard, if you don’t wash it out or properly cleaned, you’re creating an area to rust in the body of the vehicle because the vehicle is painted and primed.
  • Always ensure that the mud guard bought is fitted for your vehicle.
  • Before drilling mark the spot to be drill in your vehicle and your mud guard, most times custom cars do have a marked spot to ensure it nicely and neatly fixed.
  • Apply pressure on the back of the drilling equipment when you’re fixing the marked spots.


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