The Color Secret Of Car Interior Accessories

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Nowadays, many friends pay attention to the interior of the car when buying a car. Nowadays, there are many car interior styles, and the colors are also various. In fact, the interior of the car also has potential small functions. If you choose the right one, the color of the interior can even improve the safety of our driving. 

The car's interior can be roughly divided into black, beige, brown and white.

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White interior

This kind of interior is relatively rare. At present, almost white interiors in many cars have been replaced by beige, but there are still high-end customized models that can choose this color of interior. However, the white interior is very intolerant of dirt, and a little stain is very obvious, but the white interior will give people a very bright feeling, making people feel very relaxed in the car, and the pressure will be relatively reduced.

Beige interior

This color interior is the most common interior for leisure and miscellaneous. Many car manufacturers will launch black and beige interiors for customers to choose from. Beige interiors and white interiors are actually very similar. The white interior is slightly more resistant to dirt, and the color is more acceptable to everyone. In fact, the workmanship of the beige interior on the leather is the closest to the original leather, and the coating is the least used, so it is more environmentally friendly.

Brown interior

In fact, brown interiors appear in many high-end cars and mid-to-high-end SUVs. Brown interiors are generally made of leather materials, because leather materials can be displayed with brown interiors. Brown interior is high-end, and brown interior is relatively less used in leather coating, so environmental protection is also good, if you want the car to look more high-end, you can choose brown leather interior.

Black interior

This color is the most common. Whether it is a family car or a luxury car, black interiors are used. This kind of interior is very convenient to clean and has good stain resistance. The most important black is very safe to drive at night. Everyone who often drives at night knows that some people with poor quality still turn on the high beam. This will often cause the driver in the car to become short-time blindness, this time of which can reach up to 3 seconds! If the interior is white or beige, the interior of the car will be very bright, because of the reflection, the bright light may last longer at this time. The driver in the car is equivalent to driving for several seconds blindfolded, and there may be a traffic accident. But the black interior does not reflect light, so the time for strong light will be much shorter than that of the light-colored interior, relatively safer. Don't underestimate these short seconds, sometimes they can really save your life.

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