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6 Car Emergency Items

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For safety reasons, we should always keep some car emergency items.

1. Car fire extinguisher

The car must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, which is not used most of the time, but it can save lives at critical times. The car caught fire before it was completely burnt, and there was a golden rescue time of two or three minutes. As long as it was handled properly, the loss could be minimized. The car fire extinguisher does not need to be too large, about 1kg is enough, and the price is not expensive for dozens of dollars.

2. Safety hammer

The safety hammer is not used most of the time, but it can save lives at critical times. For example, a car suddenly drove into the water. When the car was sinking slowly, there was time to save itself and escape by breaking the glass with a safety hammer. This safety hammer also integrates more than a dozen functions such as pliers, axe, knives, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

car hammer

3. Warning tripod

When a vehicle breaks down and stops on the road, be sure to prevent a tripod from a safe distance behind to avoid secondary accidents. Usually the car is equipped with a tripod, but if it is lost, it must be refilled in time to avoid nothing to warn you at critical times.

4. Car air pump

The air pump is not used most of the time, but it can play a great role at critical times. If the car is parked in the wild and the tires are maliciously deflated, if the car has an air pump, you can do it yourself. If the tire is pierced by a nail and it leaks slowly and you call rescue, the price is not cheap. But if there is an air pump, you can fill the tires and slowly drive to the repair shop to repair the tires.

5. Emergency start power

The car is out of power and cannot catch fire, especially in the wilderness. It is very dangerous. With the emergency power supply, you can quickly catch fire. Especially if the car is found to have a low starting voltage, but you don’t want to change it right away, or go off-road in a deserted place, it is very necessary to prepare a starting power supply.

6. Hydraulic jack

This is usually not very useful. For mountain roads with complex road conditions, I don’t know when the tires are punctured, and I won’t be able to find rescue for a while. At this time, the jack plays its role. Use the jack to raise one side of the car, then use the spare tire to replace the broken tire, and drive dozens of kilometers to repair the tire without any problem.

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