Tips For Choosing A License Frame

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License frames are one of those items on your car that you likely overlook. That is, they are easy to overlook until you no longer have one on a vehicle. Modern day license plates are much thinner than their counterparts from the past. For this reason, the plates -- particularly those on the front of the bumper -- tend to get bent easily. The following can help you choose the best frame for your car.

Know Your Mounting Style

First, when it comes to purchasing a license frame, you need to know what type of mounting style your vehicle uses. Most vehicles either support a frame with two mounting holes on the top or with four mounting holes, with two on the top and two on the bottom. You need to know the mounting style so that the frame you pick will work with your vehicle.

Look for spacers

Second, you are going to want to look for a frame with spacers on them. Spacers are located on the backside and are designed to provide a little bit of cushion. They create a barrier so that the license plate doesn't scratch or damage your paint as it vibrates when you are driving. The spacers can also help prevent debris from accumulating behind the license plate.

Choose a durable frame material

The back of a vehicle is an extremely harsh environment — there's a lot of snow, sun, salt and debris that can wreak havoc on your paint and trim.

Stainless steel frames will outlast plastic or chrome, and complement vehicle trim without rusting or showing wear. Carbon fiber is also a great option for performance vehicles or anyone looking for a luxe effect.

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Choose a complementary finish

Fourth, you are going to want to consider what type of finish you want on the frame. The finish is what you see when you look at the frame, and it will impact its visual appeal.

A polished mirror finish is popular, as it gives off a chrome-like feeling and is highly reflective. A black powder coating is placed on top of a stainless-steel body and is great if your vehicle has other black accents. A brushed look is silver in color and doesn't show fingerprints.

Pick your frame style

Before you choose a frame style, it's important to check with your local DMV. Laws on covering the state name or state motto vary state by state. Also consider the location of your registration tags to make sure they are not covered.

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